From Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Malaysia

Keo Restaurant fuses traditional wok cooking with an ultramodern ambiance characteristic of only the most fashionable big city restaurants. Thus, you can bring the classiest upscale scene to your local area.

Never before has there been a place that takes traditional Asian recipes that before were only found in little-known “mom and pop” Thai eateries and transfers them to a clean, modern environment.

Keo resonates a feeling of sophistication and style that envelop all the senses. You can touch the smooth limestone bar and grainy texture of the menus, taste the amazingly flavorful Asian food, and see the clean lines of design in the furnishings.  Keo Restaurant awards its patrons a place to awaken all of their senses.

The Asian population is the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the United States. As that segment of our population grows, so will the demand for south east Asian flavors. In addition to the multicultural influence on Asian cuisine, today’s savvy palates demand more choices made from fresh ingredients at reasonable prices.  Be a part of the growth and join the KEO team.


Steven Skolnick
Director of Franchise Sales

Direct Line 805.418.7722                                                                                                                                                                                          Cell 818.519.9988


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